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Providing High Quality Fuel is Our Priority & Business | UFA

High Quality Fuel

Fuel quality is top priority for UFA and for our members and customers as mileage, power and smooth engine performance are all by-products of top quality fuels.

Why Fuel Quality Matters

Your equipment relies on high quality fuel. That is why our fuels meet or exceed the stringent quality standards set by the Canadian General Standards Board for commercial fuel quality.

We continually monitor the quality of all our fuels to ensure that our products meet the rigorous demands of today's agricultural, commercial, construction and on-road equipment.

We also conduct benchmark testing of our own fuels, and our competitors, to ensure that our fuels quality meets industry standards.

Don Smith, the VP of Petroleum at UFA, explains the process of how we deliver high quality fuel-from Western Canada's refineries to your operation.

What Our Customers are Saying

We're committed to keeping you up and running, whether you're on the jobsite or in the field. Hear first-hand what UFA customers are saying about our fuel quality with the following video testimonials.

"Quality is important us. If we don't have quality fuel our equipment isn't going to do what we say it will do and then our customers aren't going to get the job that they expect"

– Magnum Cementing

  • Summer and winter diesel is no longer required.

  • With changes over recent years to the refining process of diesel, seasonally adjusted ultra-low sulphur diesel provides similar energy content, cetane quality and density all year round. There is no longer a large fluctuation between the density of winter diesel and summer diesel, meaning you no longer have to worry about high fuel consumption or low power being caused by using a low cloud point winter diesel in spring or fall.

  • Detergent additive packages are added to ensure that valve components are kept clean and free of residue from the process of combustion

  • Pour point is the temperature at which fuel contains so many agglomerated crystals that it is essentially becomes a gel and will no longer flow.

  • The temperature at which the wax in diesel or biowax in biodiesels forms as a cloudy appearance

  • This is the most commonly used measure of low-temperature operability; fuels are expected to operate at temperatures as low as their cloud point.

  • The cold filter plugging point (CFPP) is the temperature at which a fuel filter plugs. Due to the ambient temperature of the fuel being below the cloud point of the fuel.

  • UFA sources from Alberta's best and we put it to the test with our Fuel Quality Assurance Program. This program is designed to provide you with high-quality fuels throughout the year, giving you optimal power, efficiency and engine performance, regardless of weather conditions.

  • Key sites across our cardlock and bulk delivery fleet network have samples taken quarterly so UFA can get accurate representation of fuel that is being provided from suppliers

  • Random testing on fuel carriers to ensure that fuel deliveries meet CGSB specifications for all fuel products.

  • No, however UFA sources from Alberta's best refineries in Western Canada

  • Yes, please contact your UFA Sales Rep or Agent to obtain more details of our Fixed Price Program. This program is for bulk delivered fuel only and not Cardlock purchases.

  • A direct delivery is a load of fuel delivered to the customer right from the refiner's terminal. This can be beneficial if customer has adequate storage and space to receive a load of fuel via B-Train.