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We know buildings and we know farming and ranching.

When you build with UFA, you get more than just a building. You get the confidence of knowing that the finished product will have the important features, impressive durability, and reliable quality your farm or ranch needs. How do we make sure of that? Because not only do our members and customers trust us for their building needs, but they trust UFA for every part of their operation.

We've been helping farmers & ranchers for over 100 years, and have been putting our first-hand ag knowledge into our building design and construction for 50+ years.

We understand the importance of overall value and quality in all that you do on your farm or ranch. That's why we provide quality materials, quality construction, quality engineering, and quality service when you build with us.

Build With A Pro

Get the right building for your needs from UFA. You can trust us because experts, like Judy Cowan, will deliver buildings that work for you.

With over 20 years in the building industry, Judy knows how to make sure you get what you need. That's why in the last 10 years with UFA she's built nearly 200 buildings. A lot of those building projects are for repeat customers, multiple generations of families, and referrals. When our customers are willing to speak for our quality, service, and dependability, that speaks volumes.

To start building or find your nearest Building Rep click the contact button below.

Building Reps
Building Reps

The Building Process Made Easy

We visit your site to discuss your project needs and customize a solution that fits your operation.

We'll discuss existing concepts, plans, and your ideas and objectives to help you select the best existing option or design something new.

We assist you with permitting by providing engineered drawings, inspections and certification if required.

We start the build with a kick-off meeting with you and the building contractor and build your project with quality checks along the way to ensure the project is to plan.

We'll do a final walk-through with you to verify everything is as it should be.


"The build on this was excellent, the contractor expedited it on time, on budget. No surprises."

- Rick Carson





"I was very happy with the outcome. The project manager was excellent. UFA is a good company to work with."

- Mike Richter


Finance and leasing options to help you build.

Building with us has a big plus. As a UFA Member you can earn patronage on your building purchase*. That could means thousands back in your pocket just for building with us.

And, as a member you also have access to exclusive finance and lease programs to help you get into your new building with great payment options. If you already have a bank or lender you like to deal with our experienced team will gladly work with them to get you building with UFA.


Quality, Standard in Every Building.


From start to finish your UFA Building Rep will be with you. Your UFA Rep will visit you on-site throughout planning, estimating, designing and building.


Each pole is placed on a minimum 10" thick concreate foot pad which results in a stronger foundation.


We use #114 screws every 2" to fasten metal cladding, as per manufacturer's specifications.


All structures are built with solid and secured stud-framed walls to stand the test of time.


Our trusses are at 4' on center, bolted to the pole for added strength and hold down, and are engineered for the correct wind and snow loads in your area.


Our girder truss system allows bi-fold doors to open at the full building height. We use a multi-ply girder truss to support the weight and reduce stress on the roof.


Our custom buildings are guaranteed by a five-year warranty backed by UFA. We guarantee customer satisfaction.

*Optional feature with an additional cost but required to receive a 5-year warranty.