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Essential Nutrients Testimonials


Essential Nutrients Testimonials

Mike Goetsch - Testimonial

Mike Goetsch has been doing business with UFA for about 28 years. The 52-year-old grandfather farms approximately 2,600 acres consisting of a cereal, canola and pea rotation. For the past two years he has agreed to test Amplify, Multiply and Magnify products on his fields. Here is what he had to say about his experience with the product line:

"The first year I treated a 300-acre field of canola. It was half treated with Magnify and then the other half wasn't, and you could see a visual difference right where I sprayed. That green line, where I didn't use it was a lighter green. And actually the pods were fuller with more seeds in the pods. It was an honest five bushels an acre increase…for the canola. I wish I would have done it all because it would've doubled the return.

I will be using all three products on both my cereals and my canola. Amplify, Magnify and Multiply this year. (The products) are easy to use, cost effective and did well. In my view, it well pays to use it all."

When asked about his relationship with UFA and how his Customer Account Manager, Lori Duma, helps him to get the job done, Mike said:

"Lori has been invaluable up in the last four or five years. She's really honest and genuine and she knows what farmers feel because actually she's a farmer herself. She's very, very trustworthy for sure. UFA gets my business because of Lori."

David Sale - Testimonial

David Sale and his family have been farming around the Athabasca area since the early sixties. And they've been UFA members for just as long; in fact, Sale's dad still has his UFA membership card from 1963. Farming 1800 acres of cultivated land, 1500 of pasture, cow, calf, and cash crops for over five generations means David and his family have been cornerstones in their local community for years.

Sale says that UFA is their one stop shop for everything in their operation. "From crop inputs, livestock, fuel, lubricants, troughs. It's kind of an essential service for us," he says.

He recently took time to talk about a game-changing switch in products they made this year, at the advice of his Customer Account Manager, Lori Duma.

"We have been using competitor essential nutrition products for four or five years, at least. And just now this year we switched to the Amplify and Magnify from UFA. We'd already been having good luck with the other products. But as Lori discussed with us, the competitive product is a one size fits all package and it is a good product, but the UFA product lines are tailored to the specific needs of the crops."

Sale says he used Amplify and Magnify on his canola crops and saw results almost immediately.

"It really… kind of pops…within a day or two. It's a nutrient and a stress reliever so the herbicide doesn't injure or setback the crop. So it (the crop) actually benefits from a nutrient application more. It's easy stuff to work with and very safe.

We can have three or four types of soil in the same hundred-acre patch and you'll get even emergence in decent growing conditions, whereas you might have some differences if you didn't have the Amplify products. And in the Magnify, of course when you spray it, the crop doesn't go into a bit of a setback or a sleep or whatever, seems to actually flourish quite quickly after spraying"

Sale is so pleased with the results that he says he may use it on his wheat crops as well this coming year.