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Seed Treatment

Helping You Achieve a Better Yield.

The right crop treatments and how you approach them is important, whether you're growing cereals or pulses. There are some things you can't control that influence your crop's growth. With the right seed treatment and helpful, knowledgeable advice from your UFA Customer Account Manager (CAM), we can help stack the deck in your favour.

From seeding to storage, UFA is with you every step of the way-to help you achieve a better yield.

Experience. The Advantage of Your CAM and UFA

With a full range of treatments to improve the health of your crop at any stage, your CAM will work with you to provide the right products, including a lineup of micronutrients. That's why, with this guide and your CAM's knowledge, we make sure you have the best information to make your seed treatment decisions. This means you'll get the best solution for your growing conditions, and the best results.
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Better Crops Begin Here.

There are a lot of things you can't control that influence your crop's growth. With the right seed treatment we help you take control back. Together we will give your crop the best start towards achieving maximum yields.




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Give your cereal crop the best start with the top seed treatment choices. We offer a variety of options that help keep your cereal crops safe from insects and disease, resulting in healthier plants and higher yields. Our seed treatment solutions are a simple step that helps you grow consistent, healthy crops. We're here to partner with you to provide the right products and solutions to maximize your yield.



You want to get the most out of your crops while minimizing risk. That's why we're here to help. Great crops start with great seed treatment, inoculants, and nutrients. Working with your CAM makes it easier to select the right combination to give your crop the strong start it needs to overcome emergence pressures like disease and insects helping you get the highest yield possible from your field.


Working with your seed protection, herbicide, and fungicide, micro-nutrients deliver the proper balance of essential nutrients needed for optimal growth and development through the plant's life cycle.


Get the most out of your seeds and ensure that your crops get the nutrients they need. With inoculants, your crop will have better root nodule formation, nitrogen fixation, and reduced pest pressure improving your yields.


Four major goals of using biological products in crop production are to manage plant diseases; enhance nutrient uptake and improve crop growth; manage insects and related pests; and manage weeds.