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Canola seed

Canola Seeds

The Best Canola Plants Start with the Best Seeds & the Best Advice

The right seed, the right products, and the right advice to support optimum growth throughout the growing season. That's how we help you get the most out of every acre when planting canola.

Our partnerships with CANTERRA Seeds, InVigor, DEKALB Seed, and Brevant seeds give you access to the latest canola seed varities and technology. And, the Seed Recommendation Tool below makes it easy to find the right seed for your growing conditions.


Our Customer Account Managers (CAMs) are as knowledgeable about seed varieties and crop health as you are about your own farm. Your CAM's local expertise and access to the best selection of canola seed varieties, seed treatments, and the other products you need for a healthy crop means better results for you. Working with your CAM and using this guide as a tool to plan for a successful crop year gives you the confidence to know you have a reliable helping hand from planting to harvest.

Canola Recommendation Tool








Seed Recommendations

Finding the right seed has never been easier. With our Canola Recommendation Tool simply hit the START HERE button below, select your harvest type and desired maturity range and we will give you the best options to discuss with your local CAM.

Canola Partners

InVigor® hybrid canola has a hybrid that can perform for every field. Our performance is enhanced by industry leading innovation that comes backed with unparalleled support and development from numerous teams at BASF. This year, innovation comes in the form of two new 300 series InVigor hybrids.

CANTERRA SEEDS is a Canadian company created by farmers, for farmers and we are 100% committed to meeting the seed needs of our customers.

Purchase your CANTERRA SEEDS Canola with UFA and don't pay Interest until December 1, 2022.† Our canola varieties are tested for local performance to allow us to produce top quality hybrids suited for Western Canadian growing conditions.

† Customers must have available FCC credit at the time of purchase. Transaction will be applied directly to FCC Credit Line at the time of purchase. Product must be invoiced by April 30, 2022. CANTERRA SEEDS Canola and PRIDE SEEDS Corn are Interest Free until December 1, 2022. Payment on FCC Crop Input loan is due March 15, 2023.

Bayer continues to redefine what our canola can do towards ensuring success for you and your operation. In fact, the DEKALB® portfolio has and will continue to expand with high-yielding hybrids and traits to make using DEKALB the right seed for a profitable season year after year. We're pleased to share our extensive lineup of canola hybrids including our TruFlex™ canola with Roundup Ready® Technology, TruFlex™ canola with Roundup Ready® and LibertyLink® Technologies, and DEKALB LibertyLink® canola.

Brevant™ seeds has the canola lineup that will make a difference to your bottom line by providing you with the flexibility to make the right agronomic and marketing choice for your farm. Brevant™ seeds offers high-yielding canola hybrids with clubroot resistance, harvest flexibility, profit opportunity and marketing options, now available in Roundup Ready®, Clearfield® and LibertyLink®* herbicide tolerant systems. A new Optimum® GLY** canola hybrid is on the way, making Brevant Seeds one of the first canola seed brands to offer farmers all four herbicide tolerant systems.

*LibertyLink® is a registered trademark of BASF.
**Pending approval in relevant export countries.


Canola Seeding, Right On Target.

Getting the seeding rate right is critical for any crop, but it can be more difficult with canola.

Power Up Your Canola Pre-Seed Burndown

A clean, strong start is critical for canola to eliminate weed competition in the early stages of growth.

Experience The DEKALB Targeted Plant Population Advantage

Canola Council of Canada1 research has shown that a targeted plant population of 5 to 8 plants/ft21 is the ideal way to maintain an optimal yield.

Stay Ahead of Blackleg

If you grow canola, you've done battle with blackleg.

1-2-3s of Canola Harvest Prep

If your plan is to straight cut your canola at harvest, the first step toward that goal is to purchase a variety with pod-shatter technology.

Make every plant count

Early plant counts help measure the success of canola plant establishment.


2022 Plot Data Hanna

2022 Plot Data Camrose

2022 Plot Data Provost

2022 Plot Data Strathmore