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Canola Seeding, Right On Target

Canola Seeding, Right On Target.

Getting the seeding rate right is critical for any crop, but it can be more difficult with canola. Sure, you have a target seeding rate aimed at achieving optimum plants per square foot and you can calibrate your seeder accordingly, but it's too easy for those little, bouncy canola seeds to wind up all over the seed row, or even out of it altogether, or with varying size end up being double- or triple-planted. Uniform seeding sets the stage for each seed in the bag to meet its yield potential.

Maximizing canola performance depends heavily on how well the crop is seeded to achieve optimal plant populations. Typically, growers rely on thousand seed weight (TSW) to calculate the right seeding rate for a particular seed lot to achieve the desired plant population. Many seed companies are packaging canola with TSW information, or seed weight rating systems, right on the bag to make that job easier. While TSW has been a major shift to help growers get this right, and for those with singulation planters, there is a new option for increased accuracy.

Pelta™ seed pelleting technology from Syngenta will be available on select Liberty Link® and TruFlex varieties from CANTERRA SEEDS in 2023. It creates a more consistent seed size, ensuring more accurate seed placement better ensuring uniform emergence and less competition for resources. Starting the season with an evenly seeded crop helps make decisions about in-crop herbicide, fungicide, and desiccant application timing easier.

Each bag of canola with Pelta™ technology contains the same number of seeds, so you can easily calculate exactly how much you need to get your target seedlings per acre.

Pelta™ is designed specifically for use with singulation planters and helps you achieve the perfect 5 to 8* plants per square foot, and ensures those plants are evenly spaced for maximum plant performance and yield.

Canola hybrids treated with Pelta also include a complete seed treatment package for early-season disease and insect control.

Talk to your Customer Account Manager today to see which CANTERRA SEEDS variety canola with Pelta™ by Syngenta is best for your farm.

* As recommended by the Canola Council of Canada

Untreated canola seed
Sample seed 1

Industry-standard treatment

Sample seed 1

Pelta and Industry-standard treament